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Nontidal Wetlands

The Maryland Department of the Environment and the Trust seek proposals for nontidal wetland projects in Maryland. This program seeks to implement cost-effective wetland projects to provide valuable wetland functions, including habitat for a wide range of species and improved water quality, flood attenuation, recharge of groundwater, and aesthetics in the State’s local watersheds and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay, Youghiogheny River, and Atlantic Coastal Bays. 




What this funds:

The following project types will be considered in order of priority:

1) Nontidal wetland restoration: defined as a project to recreate a wetland in an area where a wetland historically existed.

2) Nontidal wetland creation: defined as a project to create a wetland in an area where no wetlands previously existed. Creation projects that require extensive grading may not be ranked highly.

3) Nontidal wetland enhancement: defined as improving the wetland function of an existing wetland. The highest ranked wetland enhancements will be to farmed wetlands, partially drained wetlands, and wetlands with threatened or endangered species. Most other wetland enhancement projects will not be ranked highly.

4) Wetland preservation: defined as protecting existing wetlands. Preservation will only be funded if it is a relatively small part of a project package that includes wetland restoration or creation.

Who can apply: Non-profit organizations, for-profit entities, community associations, faith-based organizations and more. The list varies by project type and track so please see RFP for full list of organizations.
How much can be awarded: $500,000
Is match required? No, but applicants are strongly encouraged to leverage support with cash and in kind match.
Deadline: Program CLOSED December 10, 2015.

Program Status

This grant program is currently CLOSED. To view the RFP, click here.

Grant Application Process

The Chesapeake Bay Trust's grant applications are all submitted through an online system. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact this program’s grant manager, Abbi Huntzinger at 410-974-2941, ext. 106. *Please note: The Trust's grant system works best in Internet Explorer, especially when uploading documents.*




*Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply several days prior to the deadline, due to potential for high website traffic on the date of the deadline. Technical assistance for online application cannot be guaranteed on the deadline date.*


Questions & Technical Support

Abbi Huntzinger
410-974-2941 x106