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Examples of Projects

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Recently Funded May 2014:

Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection &Sustainability
Support for the placement, installation, and upkeep of 67 2"-caliper landscape-grade trees along a portion of Delvale Avenue in
Dundalk, MD, $15,000 

City of Cambridge-Department of Public Works-Planning and Zoning
To address improvements to stormwater that drains directly into the Choptank River in partnership with the University of Maryland Landscape Architecture students, $399,560

American Rivers Water Quality Protection and Restoration
To examine the potential opportunities and limitations of combining urban agriculture and green infrastructure within municipal programs in Chesapeake Bay communities, specifically Baltimore, Maryland, Lancaster and
York, Pennsylvania, $24,865

Federal City Council  
To work with experienced contractors to research and write a white paper exploring the potential supply and demand of the District Department of the Environment's Stormwater Retention Credit trading market, $25,000

Town of Easton 
This project is aimed at reducing the pollutant loading associated with urban sector stormwater, and at increasing the Town's tree canopy, $13,557 

Wrightsville Borough
The creation of green streetscape improvements such as the introduction of green space with street trees, curb extensions with bioretention and natural plantings as well as pedestrian and aesthetic improvements, $47,118 

Town of Forest Heights
The project includes a rain garden to collect adjacent runoff, seven tree box filters to treat stormwater quality, and a permeable concrete sidewalk to promote a walkable community, $202,940

Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association
To remove sidewalk to create 40 new tree pits and expand 40 existing pits and improve overall tree canopy, $10,000 

City of College Park
This project will result in construction of two 70-foot bioswales along Rhode Island Ave south of Greenbelt Road in order to enhance water
quality, improve area aesthetics, and provide an educational experience for College Park Trolley Trail users and neighborhood residents, $80,960

Town of Betterton 
To design and start implementation for a Green Street that would aesthetically slow the stormwater flow and filter the then permeated rainwater, as well as encourage non-vehicular traffic patterns,$91,045

Town of Bethel, DE  
Tto implement green infrastructure and Green Street practices to reduce flooding and provide water quality treatment, as well as reduce erosion to the banks of the Broad Creek in critical locations. The project includes the implementation of bioretention areas, a living shoreline, Filterra units, as well as erosion and sediment control measures, $100,000

City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The North Marshall Green Infrastructure project includes new porous concrete sidewalk and traffic calming measures to improve pedestrian safety, infiltrate stormwater and allow existing trees to be saved; curb extensions bio-retention areas providing space for additional planting and storm water
infiltration as well as narrowing the roadway pavement widths to reduce vehicle speeding; pervious pavers in an adjacent alley for further stormwater control; and planting 20 new trees on adjoining streets to increase tree canopy, $100,000

Boy Scouts of America Venturing Crew 202
The overall goal of this project is to plant native trees in Sykesville, Maryland on the property of the Warfield Development Corporation. The
purpose of doing so is to increase the amount of watershed protection and tree canopy in the Sykesville area,$25,000

City of College Park
The project will result in the construction of a neighborhood park showcasing green infrastructure practices. The park will enhance pedestrian connectivity from the community to Baltimore Avenue, create a gateway to the neighborhood, provide recreation opportunities, improve water quality and increase awareness about sustainability through educational displays and interpretive signage, $150,886 

City of Hagerstown- Department of Parks & Engineering
To increase the city's tree canopy with City-wide street tree plantings and remove bituminous paving in Memorial Boulevard street right-of-way and
replace with landscaped island and median to reduce runoff from roadway surface, $170,000

Baltimore Tree Trust
To contribute toward Baltimore City's Urban Tree Canopy goals through tree canopy inventories and tree planting to provide significant health
and economic benefits to the city's neighborhoods, $220,520

Marshall-Wythe School of Law Foundation, William & Mary Law School
The purpose is for the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic at William & Mary Law School to develop a white paper, Go Green, Save Money: Lowering Flood Insurance Rates with Green Infrastructure, which will explain how Virginia localities can simultaneously better protect their citizens against flooding risks, improve environmental protection, create more sustainable communities, and generate flood insurance
discounts for policyholders, $25,000

Low Impact Development Center, Inc.
To provide training workshops and webinars that will inform community representatives, regulators, resource protection agencies, and stakeholders on strategies and tools that can be used to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of Green Highways and Green Streets Projects to meet
urban heat island reduction, flood reduction, and water quality goals, $24,999

City of Mount Rainier
To reduce storm water flows into the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River, promote groundwater infiltration, expand the tree canopy and native plantings, and enhance bicyclist accessibility and safety, $242,500 

Izaak Walton League of America
To maximize the nutrient load reductions and minimize the cost of neighborhood greening. Demonstration conservation landscapes, rain gardens and canopy tree plantings will be installed at 12 homes in 4 targeted neighborhoods in the Muddy Branch Watershed in Montgomery County, Maryland, $139,370

Town of Marydel, Maryland
The project will identify opportunities for the implementation of BMP's to address and alleviate problems associated with nonpoint source pollution within the Upper Choptank River Watershed, $47,460 

Blue Water Baltimore
Blue Water Baltimore will increase the rate of tree planting in targeted city and county neighborhoods, $114,342 Most 

Borough of Gettysburg
To create bid ready engineering/design documents pertaining to water runoff on Race Horse Alley, $47,262 

Patterson Park Neighborhood Association
To provide community training on stormwater issues and opportunities for stormwater reduction/treatment; development of community-level BMPs such as bio-retention bump-outs and enhanced tree pits; and instituting stump/dead tree removal, tree pit creation/expansion, and tree installation, $250,000

Low Impact Development Center, Inc. 
This project will prepare a green and complete street concept retrofit design, stormwater benefit calculations, and a preliminary opinion of roadway and BMP construction costs for Cherrywood Lane in Greenbelt (1.5 miles), $46,935

University of Maryland College Park
To remove asphalt, install permeable pavers, construct 20 raised beds, 6 flower beds, plant 13 trees and construct a green roof tool shed as low impact development, green infrastructure storm-water control techniques, $45,154

The American Society of Landscape Architects Library and Educational Advocacy Fund
The Chinatown Green Street Demonstration Project integrates low impact development techniques with community oriented design to create an interconnected series of green streets. This project will: exceed the minimum stormwater requirements using innovative technologies; improve pedestrian, vehicular, and bike circulation; and create aesthetically pleasing streets, $47,600

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.
To improve the urban landscape of Pratt Street and to promote the sustainable future of a Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. The project will lower the level of pollutants emitted into the Baltimore Harbor and educate the community about sustainability stewardship, $249,913

City of Charlottesville, Virginia
The City of Charlottesville intends to partner with the Charlottesville City Schools to retrofit an existing parking lot at Charlottesville High School (CHS) by converting over 26,000 square feet of asphalt to permeable pavers, bioretention, and restored forest while treating runoff from over three acres of the CHS campus, $182,035 

Blue Water Baltimore
To improve the health of 490 trees, remove over 18,000 sf of concrete so that new trees will reside in homes with greater exposed soil, $224,535

Parks & People Foundation
To plant trees and install tree pits in Baltimore City, $250,000 

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council
RHIC requests funding to continue connecting residents to tree planting resources, knowledge, and information, $58,010