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Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns

The Chesapeake Bay Trust and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Streets collaborative effort supports the implementation of the President’s Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration Executive Order. It serves as a key component of the Chesapeake Bay Green Street-Green Jobs-Green Towns Initiative which supports local, grassroots-level greening efforts by towns and communities in urbanized watersheds that reduce stormwater run-off through creation of “green streets", the increase in urban green spaces, and the reduction of impervious surfaces. To read about past projects, visit the project examples tab.

To see the list of 2016 awardees with project descriptions, click here.

To visit EPA's G3 webpage, click here.

Green Streets Funding can be applied anywhere in the Chesapeake Bay watershed portion of EPA Region 3 and all of Maryland (excludes New York). Use this kmz file in Google Earth to determine if your project is in the Chesapeake Bay watershed portion of EPA Region 3.

What this funds:

Design and implementation funds for practices which enhance green spaces in communities, including implementing urban green stormwater practices, increasing urban green spaces, and replacing impervious surfaces with more permeable materials. One type of project that can include all three of these practices and increase a community’s sustainability is the “green street.” A green street:

• minimizes impacts on the surroundings through a natural systems approach incorporating a variety of water quality, energy-efficiency, and other environmental best practices;

• integrates a system of stormwater management features to increase infiltration and/or filtration of runoff, reduce flows, and enhance watershed health;

• reduces the amount of water that is piped directly to streams and rivers;

• makes the best use of the street tree canopy for stormwater interception as well as temperature mitigation and air quality improvement;

• encourages pedestrian and/or bicycle access; and

• provides an aesthetic advantage to a community.

White papers on innovative ideas for green infrastructure.

Green Street Charrette for a planning or visioning session with citizens, planners, developers and other key stakeholders  to collaborate and development a plan, vision or design for a project.

Who can apply: Local governments such as municipalities, non-profit organizations, neighborhood/community associations, and other nonprofit entities

How much can be awarded: Up to $30,000 for design projects
Up to $75,000 for implementation projects
Up to $20,000 for white papers

If selected, Charette applicants will receive G3 technical assistance.

Is match required? Match is encouraged but not required.
Deadline: March 3, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

Program Status

The grant program is currently CLOSED. You can view the RFP here. Please use the Green Streets budget spreadsheet here and which you can also find within your online application form. Please watch this video: Green Streets: The Road to Clean Water.

Grant Application Process

The Chesapeake Bay Trust's grant applications are all submitted through an online system. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact this program’s grant manager, Jeff Popp, at 410-974-2941 ext. 103. *Please note: The Trust's grant system works best in Internet Explorer, especially when uploading documents.*


*Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply several days prior to the deadline, due to potential for high website traffic on the date of the deadline.  Technical assistance for online application cannot be guaranteed on the deadline date.*

Questions & Technical Support

Jeff Popp
410-974-2941 ext. 103