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Contribute at Tax Time


The Chesapeake Bay Trust relies on the generosity of citizens all across Maryland to ensure we can continue our efforts to keep the Bay clean. Marylanders have an opportunity to support the Chesapeake Bay Trust through their Maryland state income tax return by making a voluntary contribution to the Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund. The proceeds from this check-off are split evenly between the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Wildlife and Heritage Division of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

No matter how your file your Maryland State Tax Return, it’s easy to make a 100% deductible donation to support the Chesapeake and protect Maryland’s endangered species.

Donate when filing online with Turbo Tax:


Donate when filing:
Fill out line 35 on the second page of your Maryland State Income Tax Return Form


Donate through your tax preparer:
When you speak with your tax preparer, indicate that you are interested in making a donation to the “Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund.” When determining the amount you’d like to donate, remember that this donation is 100% deductible and not a cent goes to a lobbyist. Any tax preparer can help you donate, but check out some of the CPAs below who have joined our CPAs for a Healthy Bay program and are dedicated to improving their local communities:

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Are you a CPA? Join CPAs for a Healthy Bay!

"CPAs for a Healthy Bay” is a new program designed to encourage CPAs and other tax professionals to take a few simple steps to raise awareness around tax time of the urgent need to support the Chesapeake Bay through the voluntary check-off on Line 35 of the Maryland tax form.  Sign up here for free today!